At this point we want to thank some people, without their gratuitous help this beautiful website would not have been possible. Already for a long time it was time for FAR “to go online” and we are happy and proud to present you our new homepage now.

Thanks to:

Paddy from Ireland, who works as an EVS volunteer 2009/2010 in Bulgaria and who designed and realised the new whole site and the new logo of FAR.

Rebekka from Germany, who works as EVS volunteer at FAR and who collected, wrote and translated the whole content of the site and who supervised by Paddy helped to build up the site. Rebekka got to know Paddy on an EVS seminar and there the idea to realise the homepage during their volunteer service in Bulgaria came up.

Anthony Atherton, who corrected the English translations.

Rusin Borislavov, teacher for German and youth trainer at FAR, who translated the texts into Bulgarian.

Rainer Hölzle, the father of Rebekka and teacher for German, who corrected the German content.