FAR’s History

„FAR – Association for youth education and media pedagogy“ in Burgas was founded as a result of the first German-Bulgarian student magazine seminar in 1995.

FAR is the Bulgarian word for light house and symbolizes the city of Burgas and the work of the association.

At the beginning, the association worked only with a voluntary crew and cooperated with the German partner „Haus am Maiberg – academy for political and social education“ to organize seminars.

The members of the association consist mainly of students, teachers and pedagogues.

The foundation and the establishment of FAR is a model for contemporary youth work in NGOs in the Bulgarian civil society.

Since the end of 2001, FAR has enlarged its seminar offers and works specifically on the development of adult education, especially teachers’ advanced trainings. To emphasize this new focus the name was changed into „FAR – Association for Democratic Education“.

Since March 2008 FAR is a member of the International Bauorden, IBO and is responsible for the organization of work camps in the Burgas region. During these work camps young volunteers from all over Europe come together to renovate a social institution.

Since 2007 FAR is an accredited sending and hosting organisation for EVS under the “Youth In Action Program”.